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Part Number: MOV12andMUSSTUD12


2 Brand New titles in sealed Retail Boxes. 

These titles work great together.

Magix Music Studio 12 Brand New Retail Box + Magix Movie Edit PRO 12 Deluxe 2 Brand New Retail Boxes

These titles work great on Windows XP and Vista 32-Bit Versions only
Please take note about Vista Compatibility.  Vista Compatibility on this product is limited to 32-BIT Versions of Vista only, to tell what version of Vista you are running, you can right click on the "Computer" or "My Computer" Icon and go to properties.  It will say 32-Bit Operating System or 64-Bit Operating System under System and System Type. 

We have complete descriptions for both products below including system requirements:

Product Overview for Movie Edit Pro 12:

Supports videos with Dolby® Digital sound - Edit and burn videos to disc with Dolby® Digital sound (2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround) without recalculation (Smart Rendering). The original audio format remains fully intact. This way you can save time if all you want to do is archive unedited non-copy-protected DVD videos, TV recordings from DVB receivers or your recordings from DVD recorders/camcorders onto disc. Dolby® Digital also stands for high-quality audio at the smallest possible file size. This means more space for storage on your DVD.

As an independent filmmaker, it's crucial to have the right tools to translate your vision onto the screen. This all-in-one solution for editing seamless high-definition videos lets you show off your unique film style whether you're new to the game or an old pro. Capture reels of raw footage on your HDV camcorder and, with a few clicks of your mouse, cut and arrange clips into a true cinematic masterpiece. Embellish your movies with music, transitions, menus and sophisticated effects just like they do in Hollywood.

Movie Edit Pro combines advanced technologies with helpful assistant tutorials, simplified automations and an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you churn out your best work. Take advantage of a host of digital options, including archiving your movies on CD and DVD. Present your recordings at brilliant resolutions on your very own self-made video Web site and forget about purchasing a separate HD DVD burner and discs. You can also convert recordings into video films with amazing quality and add personalized DVD menus for the ultimate in authenticity. With 16 available tracks to tinker with, the integrated Soundtrack Maker will help you produce individual background music to set the tone of your work. The thematic 3D fade series adds another dimensions to the story in your videos and slideshows. Take a tour of a virtual gallery of your photographs, scatter images on a table or pin them up on a tack board. No matter what kind of movie magic you're into, Movie Edit Pro 12 has the tools you need to create your next masterpiece

Key Features:

  • Directly record from analog camcorders, DVD players or VHS recorders and easily transfer footage onto DVD, then view the results directly from any DVD player
  • Cut and arrange your DVD, MPEG and HDV recordings utilizing quality picture composition and precisely calculated video presentation without time delay
  • Choose from 15 theme-based film styles, such as beach holiday, music video, paparazzi and more using MovieShow Maker
  • Decorate moving images with funny accessories, such as a halo; draw attention to certain elements with magnetic pointers; add thought bubbles above characters' heads and more
  • Add thematic backgrounds with smooth, seamless automatic transitions throughout your entire film
  • Use any of the 75 customizable templates to create your own titles, intros, backgrounds and text comments
  • Automatically adjust the volume and panorama sequence of your soundtrack to coincide with the course of the video; supports Dolby Digital sound
  • Real-time mixer with Master Effects section helps you enhance, balance and complement your audio material
    Record voiceovers to add to your footage (microphone required, not included)
  • Video Cleaning Editor corrects distortions; adjusts color, brightness, contrast and sharpness; and allows you to instantly preview changes
  • Present your finished product in real-time, 16:9 widescreen resolution
  • Effortlessly create 1:1 copies of previously burned video discs, back up copies of your projects, compile and burn music and photo CD/DVDs and auto start PC slideshow CD/DVDs
  • Import existing media from your MAGIX Online Album into in-progress projects with drag-and-drop convenience

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Intel Pentium processor, AMD Athlon processor
  • 500MB Hard Drive Space
  • 4MB 16-bit SVGA 1024 x 768 video card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Optional: HD video requires 2GHz processor and 1GB RAM, Dolby Pro Logic surround sound requires compatible decoder/receiver
Product Overview for Music Studio 12 DELUXE:

Whether you are an advanced musician or just a beginner, Music Studio 12 Deluxe provides you with the tools and the help you need for success. This sophisticated software makes home recording easy and efficient. You'll enjoy complete integration of audio and MIDI files, so that you can confidently edit your music, regardless if it is track- or object-related. The MAGIX Vita feature is not only a sound sample player, but also serves as a sound designer that adds life to your music.

The new virtual analog synthesizer, MAGIX Revolta, gives you the power to produce powerfully warm lead and bass sounds. The MAGIX Track Editor makes it simple to access important parameters of each selected track, including volume, panorama, equalizer settings and more. The AudioID function is a great way to assign track, title and album information all at the touch of a button. With so many options and possibilities, you'll enjoy greater control and command over the music you love.

Music Studio 12 Deluxe provides beginners and advanced musicians with the necessary tools and an intelligent assistant for sophisticated yet easy-to-use home recording. It's got a wide range of functionality and full integration of Audio and MIDI technology in one program. Work with realistic instruments from the specialists for sample content, Yellow Tools. A new synthesizer is included for even more powerful Analog Bass and lead sounds, easy MIDI editing, Integrated rewire functionality, improved effects and functions as well as the Option of creating podcasts from Personal recordings make this the complete package. It's all your audio and MIDI in one program, optimally equipped with superior handling and a huge selection of effects and virtual instruments.

Key Features:

  • 1000% sound neutrality & object-oriented editing
  • Integrates audio & MIDI files in one program
  • New bass & lead synths
  • Get a unique sound with MAGIX Vita's unique sound design from Yellow Tools instruments
  • Simple podcast creation
  • Advanced cutting & editing functions and optimized effects for restoration and sound design
  • Improved mastering suites
  • MAGIX Music Manager 2006: Record, archive, and burn your music
  • Includes MAGIX Photo Manager 2006, Online Print Service and Online Album

Additional Features:

  • Easily create and publish podcasts and share your talents with the world
  • MAGIX Mastering Suite supplies optimum sound from your own CD right from the start
  • Optimized menu speeds up the workflow, while the revised toolbar adds improved functionality
  • Advanced cutting and editing functions deliver precise audio
  • MAGIX Atmos lets you incorporate nature sounds, animal noises and more
  • MAGIX Music Manager helps you compile and burn complete collections with ease
  • MAGIX Photo Manager aids in archiving and optimizing photos
  • Confidently process sounds and samples via fully incorporated audio and MIDI technology

System Requirements:

Please take note about Vista Compatibility.  Vista Compatibility on this product is limited to 32-BIT Versions of Vista only, to tell what version of Vista you are running, you can right click on the "Computer" or "My Computer" Icon and go to properties.  It will say 32-Bit Operating System or 64-Bit Operating System under System and System Type. 

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32-Bit Only
  • 800MHz processor or faster
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 300MB of free HD space
  • 16-bit graphic card with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • 16-bit soundcard

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Part Number: MOV12andMUSSTUD12


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