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Magix MP3 Maker 12 Deluxe - XP/Vista

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Part Number: mgxmp3v12


MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 is the unbeatable all-rounder for your digital music: Easily record, import, edit, optimize, convert, manage, save & burn everything!

The ease of use, unique functionality and exclusive MAGIX ProAudio technology make your PC the perfect music system and transforms every recording into an audio experience of the highest quality – from MP3s to webradio streams to podcasts.

Do you love music and MP3s? MP3 Maker 12 Deluxe is a fantastic companion to any music lover's digital music library. With a multitude of features designed to help you get more from your music files, MP3 Maker is your key to a whole new world of possibilities.

MP3 Maker 12 Deluxe offers full Apple® iPod™ support and allows you to easily transfer audio files to and from your iPod. The DJ MAGIX console lets you mix your songs up, create swift transitions between songs and manually adjust the speed of any track. Eliminate the wasted space of duplicate tracks by using the automatic search function and free up more space for more music. Listen to, copy and burn every music file on a local network, such as Intranet, Bluetooth, W-LAN and more, from any PC that has MP3 Maker 12 Deluxe installed on it.

Highly advanced functions like individual track recognition with MAGIX AudioID, easy synchronization with mobile phones and MP3 players, multi-user as well as support of every standard audio format all make sure the perfect audio experience becomes a reality.

Transfer CDs & hits onto MP3 players and mobile devices
Recording of analog and digital sources, intelligently archive music
Burn and copy CDs & DVDs, incl. cover print

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect iPod support
  • MAGIX DJ Console
  • Search for duplicate tracks
  • Clean up artist tracks
  • Multi-user support
  • MAGIX Goya BurnR
  • Share & exchange
  • MP3 player support and mobile phone support
  • Cut tracks
  • Internet radio
  • AudioID
  • Recording

Key Features Include:

  • Instantly transfer your favorite songs to your portable MP3 player or supported mobile device
  • Multi-user support allows multiple people to customize their settings on one computer
  • MAGIX Goya burnR lets you burn, copy and secure digital media files in no time
  • More than 3,000 recordable Web radio stations offer a wide variety of content
  • AudioID lets you effortlessly find title and album info or clean fragmentary ID3 tags
  • ProAudio technology includes impressive effects, such as the Compressor, Brilliance Enhancer and Headphone Surround

Additional Features:

"NEW!" Perfect iPod™ support
Transferring music to your iPod™ is quick and easy. The especially flexible transfer technology contained within MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe, however, goes one step further and allows you to transfer songs, podcasts and playlists directly in the other direction as well: from your iPod back to your PC. What this means for you: uncomplicated music transfer in both directions!

"NEW!" MAGIX DJ console
Be the center of attention at the next party. The new MAGIX DJ console lets you mix your music collection as if you were a Disc Jockey. Get to the real thing - create transitions from song to song and manually adjust the speed of the track. No complicated controls, no need to get 100% accustomed with it and maximum fun making music.

"NEW!" Search for doubled tracks...
Finally, there's space for new MP3s! Do you have several gigabytes of music on your hard drive? Duplicate tracks are almost unavoidable, and present an annoying problem. With the new automatic search you can find duplicate tracks and free up space on your computer. Keep the tracks at the highest quality and delete the duplicates you find.

"NEW!" Clean up artist names...
No trouble remembering names! Unfortunately, the metadata of your MP3s do not all come from the same source. It often happens, that there are different ways of writing the name of the same artist: "Beatles" and "The Beatles", "Björk" and "Bjoerk" and "Bjork". Let's clean up. One name is enough!

"NEW!" MAGIX multi user-support
It's mine! You're not the only one using your computer? Doesn't matter, you can still have MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe all to yourself. With the new multi-user support, each user can create their own podcast subscriptions, define individual effect settings, program their own radio recordings and customize the database.

"NEW!" MAGIX Goya burnR
Burn, copy & backup your multimedia! MAGIX Goya burnR is the new MAGIX burning tool. Regardless whether music, photos or data, with MAGIX Goya Base you can burn, copy and secure all your different types of media in no time and easily onto CD or DVD. Via a self-explanatory user interface you can take care of various burn tasks simply and easily.

"NEW!" Share & exchange
Experience more music together! With MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe you can listen to, copy and burn every music file on a local network (for example, Intranet, Bluetooth, W-LAN, etc.) from any PC that has MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe installed on it.

"IMPROVED!" MP3 player and mobile support
Those rolling tones! Transfer your favorite songs instantly to your portable MP3 player or mobile. The optimal fill-up station for all portable devices has gotten even better – it now supports even more models with automatic recognition and quick transfer directly out of the program.

"IMPROVED!" Cut tracks
Your own personal touch! The improved track-cutting function lets you cut or split MP3s, or cut your Internet radio recordings into separate tracks, removing undesirable parts and then save each individual tracks as a file.

"IMPROVED!" Internet radio
Listen to what you want! With the new MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe you have the choice of over 3000 webradio stations. The improved station list with convenient genre subdivisions, land of origin, and favorites makes it easy to keep an overview. The timeshift record function makes it possible to delay radio programs and listen to them at any time, or stop recording and resume later.

"IMPROVED!" Format support
Everything at once. Users of MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe can listen to virtually all types of audio files. This is because the program supports all common audio formats for recording and playback of copy-protected files and many streaming formats for listening to web radio. Now with REAL webradio too!

Future technology for the home! MAGIX AudioID has been develeoped by the Fraunhofer Institute, the inventors of the MP3 format. With this technology you can find missing information like title, album and genre, or clean fragmentary ID3 tags with just a mouse click. Even during recording you can update music file metadata. Hook up you computer to your stereo: as soon as a signal reaches the system, you can identify the songs playing using MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe.

"IMPROVED!" Recording
Just like in the olden days! When recording audio over your computer MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe can remind you of the times of the good old tape recorder. You hear radio and want to record the show? No problem, record it and you're done! You want to record a track from an LP? Just as easy! With MAGIX MP3 Maker 12 deluxe you can set the program to start and stop recording for exactly when you want to, save it all as an MP3 and get the track information automatically (AudioID): nice and digital!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • 800MHz processor or faster
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 300MB of free HD space
  • 16-bit graphic card with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • 16-bit soundcard
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Burning requires CD-R/RW or DVD recorder
  • Microsoft-compatible mouse
  • Sending emails requires standard email software, Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Outlook Express.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Part Number: mgxmp3v12


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